Flat bed & Low Bed Trailer Services
Te unique demands of transporting products on a flat bed trailer rewire experienced people who know how to deal with that style of trailing equipment,
Whether you need to move style of trailing equipment, whether you need to move construction material, production machinery or finished product, the flatbed experts at integrity logistics will make sure your shipment goes according to plan.
In an effort to provide seamless, service, sensitive, headache-free solutions, flatbed division offers one of the most diverse selections of trailer configurations in the market, out growing fleet of experienced drivers is always on alert to give you the excellent performance that our customer have come to expect.
Our large fleets of Flatbeds trailers are providing direct transportation to all major cities in the kingdom & all gulf countries as well.
Our low bed trailer services are one of the most sophisticated services provided by Swadesh as it requires a lot of safety precautions and awareness due to the bulk carriage transported. Such type of services can be only done by Swadesh as we are one of the best transporting company with minimal incidents experienced. To provide efficient and safe services creating value for our customer, our employees and all our business partners. To provide clients with quality, cost effective and specialized services focused on best value to enhance our technical capability and corporate agility to insure sustainable growth. To contribute to industrial development by making positive contribution towards societal prosperity to devote every effort to protect marine land environment.

Swadesh Transportation has provided a vital link for Saudi businesses requiring transportation of of goods,transportation of manpower, transportation of equipments and parcels within KSA. Our company has ever since been a leading logistics service provider. We have built a reputation of reliability in transportation of goods,transportation of manpower, transportation of equipments and parcels locally and nationally due to our professional approach, competitive pricing and large network. With the quality of service rendered by us right from the inception. we have All seater busses, generators, Tankers etc are available for all your project needs.

We are committed to providing safe, dependable transportation service to our customers and To meet our goal, organization shall strive,
  • Prompt & Postive response
  • Team Performance
  • On time delivery of goods
  • To reduce customer complaints
  • With a mission to make continual improvement in all aspects.

Customers have the power to choose in this competitive and open market. Our aim is to provide high quality service along with fair and competitive pricing.